Photo Credit: Dario Acosta

Photo Credit: Dario Acosta

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.

– Henry David Thoreau 

As the eldest of twelve children, family was always a central theme for violinist Kimberlee Dray. When music dreams naturally gave way to parenthood, Kimberlee followed the rhythm until she was diagnosed with Menieres Disease. Healing took the form of a highly motivated return to the violin; her subsequent dedication eventually lessened symptoms and brought on a remission. 

Kimberlee’s offbeat path led to performances in masterclass for luminaries such as Joseph Silverstein and Elmar Oliveira, to study with Aaron Rosand at Summit Music Festival and Sherry Kloss at the Heifetz Symposium, culminating in a three-year commute from Seattle to New York City to train with Nina Beilina of the Mannes School of Music. Juggling four children and advanced violin study required healthy doses of negotiating and creativity, bribes, begging, freezer meals. 

Prior to her ten-year hiatus, Kimberlee was honored with the Clark Mathesius music scholarship, studying with Nell Gotkovsky at Brigham Young University, ultimately graduating in English literature. 

Kimberlee has been honored to solo with orchestras and perform for recital series throughout the United States. She has premiered her own composition for solo violin at The Salon in Philadelphia and completed a commission for violin and piano premiered by Sherry Kloss at the Jascha Heifetz Symposium. She recorded a work for solo violin by Christopher Lacy and seeks opportunities to collaborate with other contemporary composers. An active recitalist, Kimberlee is particularly fond of lesser known works from twentieth-century American composers. 

Kimberlee strives to wake others who have allowed their music to lapse, inviting them back and standing as witness of the power of music to heal. She hopes her music will illustrate the potential of motivated work and the possibilities when one answers an inner call.