Reporting for Duty

And so it begins once again ... I'm typing on the same computer we bought when I started my blog journey in 2010, and probably in the same yoga pants too, trying to remember how to write something longer than an Instagram post, reminding myself I do have that English degree shoved somewhere between saved macaroni noodle masterpieces and drivers' license study manuals in one of my home's five designated paper piles.

How does a mom of four with no degree in music begin violin study once again after a ten-year break and end up studying with sought after teachers, playing recitals? It's a bit like sitting in front of this blank screen, pressing fingers on the keys and allowing what's inside to come out ... One thing I will say is, I've been here for every inch--for those moments I was sure I resembled the worst possible America's Got Talent audition, the times I heard "if you do that again, I vill kill you" spoken in a thick Russian accent (deserved), the freezer meals I made for my family while I took the red-eye to New York for a lesson and most importantly, the practice hours.

Before any of that happened I started a blog which passed into the ether some years back while Instagram and Facebook claimed my best writing efforts. I'd like to invite you to be part of this next chapter in my adventure. This website and blog represents a monumental shift for me. I've reveled in the freedom to put my focus on musical goals like learning "The Lark Ascending" or controlling my staccato. I came back to the violin because my soul was yelling in deafening volume and I knew career considerations were a moot point when faced with losing my hearing. I just wanted to play. I still just want to play ...

Birds can abide the nest for just so long and it's time to share these years, those tears and let my music fly. My whole heart is wrapped up in calling the latent musicians back to the craft, to the hours. Suppressing the nagging voice inside with familiar excuses about age, ability, career aspirations and prior defeats will not satisfy. Answer the call. Hint: it starts when you get it out of the case (go ahead ... I'm waiting ... technically, I will wait here forever in black and white type--you might as well give up and realize I already won and lift those latches).

My own case is green--the color of growing things. Inside is work, skill, experience and a ridiculous imagination poised and reporting for duty. Check back soon for musical musings, follow me on Instagram and by all means, if you're in the mood for a passionate fusion of Russian and American music, I have a program on the burner you'll not want to miss. We're recording soon and looking forward to booking more concert dates!

Kimberlee Dray